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You deserve an energetic & entertaining speaker who will move your audience to take action, don't you? Find out why Danny is one of the most requested education speakers worldwide (hint: he’s not only beloved by audiences; event planners and coordinators consider him one of the kindest and easiest speakers they have ever worked with).

You and your audience are Danny’s top priority. He listens to your important details and tailors every presentation to bring your event’s theme to life. His thoughtful approach and signature high-energy, funny delivery create highlight-reel moments that connect all the dots and get raving reviews...and make you look like a rock star for hiring him.

If you want a speaker who instantly engages, entertains and educates your audience, you need to bring Danny to your event.

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Here are descriptions of some of his most popular keynote addresses:


Educators (teachers, administrators and staff) did not enter education for the pay or daily accolades from society; they are in it because they care about kids. The standardized testing craze and pandemic have terrified students, overwhelmed parents and led many great educators to quit. Come join Danny as he reminds you of your importance as an educator in the every day development of children. He’ll show you how to laugh, sing, dance and play in order to bring the joy back into education.


In an increasingly crowded world of “thought” leaders, it is now more essential than ever to create “action” leaders. In his 25 years of working with leaders from the classroom to the board room – from preschoolers to rocket scientists – Danny has lived by the creedo that “education is valuable, but execution is priceless.” Leadership begins with motivation – but it also requires a lot of perspiration. And the best leaders inspire others to become their best. Get ready to laugh and learn in this highly engaging presentation, based on Danny’s best-selling book of the same title. You will come away with practical tips for developing daily habits essential to success in the new global economy.


It takes a special person to be a teacher. Every day presents new challenges, and our attitudes and expectations shape our success. Join Danny as he shares a fast-paced, humorous and motivational keynote designed to show you how you make a difference in the lives of your students. From teaching preschoolers to rocket scientists, Danny shares his own trials and tribulations in the classroom as well as why he loves to teach. You’ll learn his secret to good teaching and leave feeling invigorated.

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What can Danny do to help you make your event better? He is dedicated to going “above and beyond” and doing whatever it takes to make your audience members leave raving and reinvigorated. 

Danny’s “Weapons of Mass Instruction” speaking engagements for teachers, administrators, parents and students range from 20-minute keynotes to two-day seminars, and he speaks on a variety of topics for all ages. You get customization without frustration! Here are some of his most popular offerings:  

75 Reading Strategies in 75 Minutes

Discover 75 ways to get your students to read! Danny demonstrates fun activities you can use throughout the day to motivate and inspire your students to become more proficient readers. You’ll learn how to transform your classroom into a literacy center. And, discover the secrets to helping all students develop a lifelong passion for reading.

Accelerating English Language Learners’ Literacy Skills

Boost vocabulary. Improve reading skills. Accelerate language acquisition. Join Danny to discover helpful tips, valuable strategies and outstanding children’s literature you can use to enhance the literacy skills of your English language learners. Plus, you’ll explore how to promote greater cultural understanding in your classroom by building on the varied backgrounds of your students.

Sparking Students’ Imaginations

Improve your students’ problem-solving and creative thinking abilities. In this innovative session, Danny shares outstanding activities you can use to challenge your students to think outside, inside and all around the box. Best of all, you’ll learn how to incorporate brain teasers, riddles and games into your daily routines to enhance your students’ imaginations.

Nothing But Poetry!

Improve literacy skills with poetry! In this session, you’ll learn dozens of poetry activities designed to enhance your students’ literacy development. Plus, discover how to incorporate poetry into your daily lesson plans to captivate students’ interest and create a passion for reading.

Songs, Games & Morning Meeting

Wake up your students with countless songs, games and activities! In this highly engaging session, you’ll discover a wealth of super activities designed to motivate your students and get them excited about learning all day long. Best of all, you’ll leave with a variety of ways to incorporate music and motion into your daily routine.

Vocabulary Strategies for All Students

Learn how to improve reading skills through stronger vocabulary. Join Danny to learn innovative ways to support vocabulary growth beyond a solid foundation of read-alouds and sustained silent reading time. You’ll learn strategies that build on your students’ prior knowledge. And, you’ll explore a variety of engaging activities to support strong vocabulary.

Dare to Differentiate: 50 Terrific Teacher Tricks

Reinvigorate your passion for teaching! Join Danny in this eye-opening session to learn 50 terrific tricks successful teachers have used to stimulate students’ interest in learning. You’ll learn how to incorporate standards without sacrificing fun. And, leave with new songs, games and activities you can immediately put to use in your classroom.

Books for All Occasions: Creating Readers for Life

Finding just the right books to inspire students to read can be a challenge, but it does not have to be. Join Danny as he shares his insights on a wide range of books for every grade level that are sure to be a hit with all of your students. You’ll leave with a list of popular titles plus scores of exciting strategies you can use to motivate every student to read.

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Keep It Real! Jumpstarting Literacy with Nonfiction

Stimulate all students’ interest in reading with outstanding nonfiction books! You’ll learn how to find great books and ways to integrate them across the curriculum. Plus, Danny shares over 100 nonfiction titles you can use right away!

Comprehension That Works!

Comprehension is what reading is all about! Learn how to foster students’ comprehension by showing them how to: focus on relevant information, interpret it and integrate it with what they already know. You’ll learn how to create an instructional environment that promotes risk taking and involves students in a variety of real reading situations – and meets standards. Your students will learn to focus on meaning as thoughtful readers.

Transformational Leadership: Becoming Your Best

Do you act as an employee or an owner? Owners are transformational leaders who foster resilience and persevere in the face of challenges. In this session, Danny reveals the 12 principles of becoming your best. Learn how to motivate yourself and others around you by adopting a growth mindset that positions you and your team for success.

Boys and Books

Learn how to get even your most reluctant boy readers excited about books. Join Danny as he reviews popular titles and strategies, which he has used successfully with struggling and reluctant boy readers. You'll walk away from this engaging session with loads of practical, ready-to-use materials.

Parents as Partners 

Students succeed when parents, teachers and administrators work together. Join Danny as he shows you how to attract greater parental involvement, utilize parental expertise and recognize parents’ efforts. Plus, you’ll learn an easy formula to boost students’ reading attitude and aptitudes.

The Power of Parents, Creating Readers for Life: 5 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Reading Aptitude & Attitude (for Parents)

Students succeed when parents, teachers and administrators work together. Discover great ways to motivate your struggling and reluctant readers to read! Dr. Brassell demonstrates strategies and books designed to help you increase interest in reading. And, you’ll explore a variety of titles you can use with your child right away.


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