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Teaching Kids How to Read MORE,
Read BETTER & LOVE Reading...in
just over 2 months!




An online virtual training program specially designed to help you get your child to LOVE reading...in just over 2 months! We provide you an easy-to-use, daily tool designed to show you specific strategies to boost your child’s reading ATTITUDE and APTITUDE.

Includes over 7 hours of video-based lessons, along with audio-based MP3s.

All-new content based on scientific research, as well as new bonus material to improve your child's reading skills.

Easy steps to help your child read MORE, read BETTER and LOVE reading.


We Understand The Frustration Parents
And Teachers Face When Their Child
Lacks Interest Or Struggles With Reading

When a child lacks interest in reading or struggles with it, parents often face a myriad of challenges and concerns. It can be an emotionally-draining experience, filled with worries about academic performance, strained relationships, and the long-term impact on their child's educational journey.

  • Concern for their child's academic performance: Parents naturally worry about their child falling behind in school due to reading difficulties. They fear the long-term impact it may have on their education and future opportunities.
  • Emotional distress: Seeing their child struggle with reading can cause emotional distress for parents. They may feel helpless, frustrated, or guilty, wondering if they could have done something differently to prevent this difficulty.
  • Strained parent-child relationship: Difficulties with reading can sometimes lead to tension and strain in the parent-child relationship. Parents may find it challenging to communicate effectively or help their child overcome these challenges, which can cause frustration for both parties.
  • Limited educational opportunities: Reading is a fundamental skill that impacts various aspects of education.

Act now and make reading a habit that your child will cherish for a lifetime. Enroll in The Reading Habit Program today!

A Program Specially Designed To Help Your Child LOVE Reading.

Our expertly-designed content, based on scientific research and the experience of Danny, unlocks your child's full reading potential. Imagine the joy on your child's face as they eagerly delve into captivating stories, develop exceptional communication skills, and unleash their boundless imagination.

7+ Hours of video strategies

All-new content based on scientific research and new bonus material
to improve your child's reading skills.

10 Levels of Easy Tools

Pacing and leading is the key to unlocking your child's true potential. Our tools, meticulously curated by experts, will guide your child step-by-step towards reading mastery. They will feel empowered, encouraged, and supported every step of the way.

Progress Tracking Tools

Comprehensive exercises and quizzes to help you train and apply what you learn.

24/7 Access

100% Online. Take the program anytime, anywhere.

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$97 USD






“Shame on me. 

It wasn’t until I started teaching in under-resourced areas that I discovered how many blessings I had grown up with. And even though I HATED reading growing up, I realize now that reading is the key to success. 

Successful people read...a lot. 

But where do they find the time? It’s tough in today’s busy world, filled with tons of (mostly negative) information thrown at us every day. 

It doesn’t have to be so difficult. 

People OVER-estimate what they can accomplish in ten years and UNDER-estimate what they can accomplish over a day. By creating simple daily habits, we can transform ourselves significantly over time. I’ve seen it in tens of thousands of students I have worked with all over the world, and I know it will work for you and your child, too! 

But the secret is to GET STARTED. Nothing great was accomplished “tomorrow.” It starts NOW. 

So I created this program to show you strategies that - when done daily - will dramatically improve your child’s reading ATTITUDE and APTITUDE in just over two months! 

I feel that schools do an adequate job teaching students HOW to read, but what good is it teaching a kid HOW to read if they never WANT to read? 

I teach kids WHY to read because I’ve never had to tell a kid to watch TV or play a video game, and I never want to have to tell them to read. I want them to choose to do it on their own. 

So help me help you help your child read MORE, read BETTER and LOVE reading. 

This system has worked for tens of thousands of other parents and teachers JUST LIKE YOU. 

You’ve got this. Now, let’s get started...”

Get Ready For A Captivating Journey As We Reveal The Secrets To Help Your Child Read MORE, Read BETTER, And LOVE Reading.

The Benefits Of The Reading Habit Program:

We understand the frustration parents face when their child lacks interest or struggles with reading.

  Unlock Your Child's Full Reading Potential

  Cultivate a Lifelong Love for Reading

  Empower Your Child's Communication and Imagination Skills

 ​​Enhance Your Child's Creativity



What Others Are Saying About This Program

Our students' success speaks volumes!

"“Amazing! Why couldn’t you have been my son’s teacher, Danny? You’ve helped Tyler go from a kid who looked at books like they were some sort of a disease to a kid who is always asking me to take him to the bookstore. Not only is he a better student now – he’s a much happier one, too. Thank you!.

Janette K.

Lawrence, Kansas

"I think one of Danny’s secrets is that HE was once a little boy who hated reading, so he relates to what too many children endure in elementary school. He understands what makes them laugh, what makes them curious. I was surprised how simple and engaging Danny made everything. If you feel overwhelmed, turn to Danny. He makes reading fun.

Sarah M.

Los Angeles, California

"For the past three years, we've been driving my daughter to a learning center to improve her reading, and all that has happened is she has learned to hate reading even more. Danny's program made my daughter do a 180... she literally LOVES reading now and sees it as something to look forward to instead of dread. Best of all, I no longer worry about my daughter in school – she's doing so much better now.

Emily D.

Atlanta, Georgia

"I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have discovered Danny’s program. No more tutors. No more shuttling my children to after-school learning centers and ‘reading specialists.’ My son felt a closer attachment to Danny via video than he did with any of his so-called tutors. Save yourself a lot of time and energy, and listen to what Danny has to teach you.

Diana S.

Phoenix, Arizona

Unlock The Joy Of Reading For Your Child

With The Reading Habit

Transformative Learning Experience

With 10 levels of easy-to-use tools and over 7+ hours of engaging video-based strategies, The Reading Habit takes you and your child on an incredible journey through the captivating world of literature. Our content is meticulously curated based on scientific research and enhanced with new bonus material, ensuring your child's reading skills soar to new heights.


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